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The Past

Ekkotek started in 2000 as Cyprus’ leading Hi-tech Business Incubator We assist young business entrepreneurs and start-up companies in developing and marketing their products - both locally and internationally. Ekkotek has participated in a number of prestigious EU projects including medPride.net, which aimed to develop satellite-based distance learning modules as well as toolkits and training manuals to train young entrepreneurs in capitalizing on innovation and creativity for their newly established enterprises.

Over the years Ekkotek has contributed in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Cyprus and Europe also through the organization of conferences such as the 3rd International SME Conference with title: “SMEs Facing the Change”, "The name of the Game is choice: Women realizing their aspirations", the “Building an innovation based Economy” co-organized with the Commonwealth Science Council and even chaired the “Technology- based Business Incubators in SADC countries” in 2004 in Mauritius.

The Present

Ekkotek has diversified its operations in the field of CMS-based web design and development as well as in the design and development of mobile phone applications. The company provides the most modern technological solutions in the most competitive prices. 

The Future

Ekkotek is always looking for new innovative ideas to make reality..!! If you have a great new idea, don’t hesitate; we are here to listen and create..!!:)

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