Katerina Fotiou joined the Ekkotek Ltd in July 2012, as member of the IT Team. Her main task is in the programming of mobile device based Apps for the third generation Cogniscope and for "intelligent" educational games. Her responsibilities also include development of all websites and electronic infrastructure of the organization.

Katerina's main contribution includes apps' development that support communication and information access among people from different communities, such as names of villages and places on the island. She is also engaged with apps designed to harness the collective intelligence and collective wisdom of groups. What is more, she is responsible for apps creation that are intended to help kids on sending reports when something disturbing,strange or harmful occurs while they are surfing online.


Katerina holds a BSc in Computer Science from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2012). Her Thesis was: "Automatic photo annotation for mobile devices (Android)". She is an experienced programmer in various computer languages and has extensive experience in programming smart phones.

 Her nickname at Ekkotek is "The Apple" because she is a fan of Apple company and the most apps she develops are apps for iOS platforms.


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