Mrs. Eleni Philippou joined the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in August 2012, as member of the New Media Lab. Her main tasks included the development and upgrading of a series of educational software and other multimedia presentation applications. The scientific aim is to stimulate the imagination of young children. The inclusion of research engines that record various learning parameters helps monitor learning effectiveness and progress. Educational environments enriched with video-game interfaces (such as puzzles, spatial and temporal sequencing, fill-in the blanks and others) aim to make the experience more intensive and constructive. Furthermore, she works on upgrading the Mental Attributes Profiling System software to enable experiments to be implemented using iPADs. Eleni's responsibilities also include development and maintenance of all websites and electronic infrastructure of the organization.

Since 2013, Eleni also works at Ekkotek Ltd., which operates as the technology partner and technology transfer office of Future Worlds Center. Eleni's main contributions in Ekkotek include the development of Apps that build on the fairy-tale-based environments developed in CNTI's research projects. Other novel products in which she is engaged include Apps designed to improve vocabulary, reading and other skills of children.

Eleni is a member of Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK).


Eleni holds a BSc in Computer Science from University of Crete (2010) and an MSc in Advanced Information Technologies from University of Cyprus (2013). She has extensive knowledge in various programming and web languages. She is an experienced programmer in developing Apps for both the iOS and Android systems.



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