Matrix ReCoded 1.0 is a library of 30 functions and 12 handlers to manipulate matrices. Livecode has a number of commands to deal with matrices but it is not a mathematical language. Matrix ReCoded extends Livecode's capabilities and opens it to those who might wish to develop mathematical or engineering solutions or simulations, or even vector-based drawing packages. The product comes with a very detailed Help Stack and an interactive Demo Stack that allows the user to actually view how the commands operate. Download it now to see the commands in action

. Users, who might require commands that have not been yet, may contact Ekkotek at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their request.

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NOTE: Matrix ReCoded requires the LiveCode Commercial edition. It is incompatible with the free LiveCode Community edition.

A quick tour of MatrixReCoded 1.0


Creating a Matrix

Matrix ReCoded library provides various commands for creating n x m matrices. Specifically, a user can create a:

  • Blank Matrix
  • Zero Matrix
  • Random Matrix (1-10)
  • Random Binary Matrix
  • Identity Matrix


Transforming a Matrix

Once a Matrix is generated, Matrix ReCoded library allow the user to transform it.

Specifically, the user can:

  • Add Edge
  • Transpose
  • Fill the main diagonal with 0's or 1's
  • Add row/column
  • Delete row/column




Performing Operations

Matrix ReCoded library provides various commands for performing different operations on two or more matrices. Specifically, a user can perrfom several matrix transformations:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Entry - Wise Multiplication
  • Entry - Wise Right/Left Division
  • Binary Addition


Stretching, Scaling or Rotating Vector Graphics

Matrix ReCoded library also provides an easy way to stretch, scale or rotate a vector graphic using some of the matrix operations. This is a useful tool to represent images in an application. The tranformations supported in Matrix ReCoded are:

  • Translation (Stretching)
  • Scaling
  • Rotation



Searching the Library  

Matrix ReCoded Help Stack provides help for the syntax of all functions and handlers used in Matrix ReCoded Library.

Matrix ReCoded Help Stack also provides a search field for directly finding information about the syntax of all functions and handlers used in Matrix Recoded Library.

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